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What is Salesforce.com?

Salesforce.com (
www.salesforce.com) is the market and technology leader in on-demand business services.  The company's on-demand platform and suite of applications enables organizations worldwide to manage and share all of their mission critical information including constituent prospecting, tracking, support and communications, all on-demand.  Salesforce.com's application combines business processes, people and technology to achieve this goal.  It's very hard to run a successful organization without a strong focus on managing your critical data. 

After all, it's all about your mission.

About The Salesforce.com Foundation

The vision of the Salesforce.com Foundation is to use salesforce.com’s people, technology and relationships to improve our communities, inspire youth to be more successful, support the world during times of extreme need, and promote compassionate capitalism.

Their mission is to remain the leaders in pioneering, evangelizing and implementing the 1% model, and using this model as a means to improve the lives of people around the world. This is the Power of Us.  The Salesforce Foundation harnesses the power of product and people to improve the lives of those in need. Using a unique 1/1/1 model—1% Time, 1% Equity, and 1% Product—the Foundation reaches out to the community and increases the effectiveness of non profit organizations so they can better achieve their goals. They call this the Power of Us.

Salesforce.com for Nonprofits: 1% Product

Through the 1% nonprofit product program,

Salesforce.com Foundation (www.salesforce.org) aims to empower nonprofits to focus more time on their social missions and less time on technology infrastructure. Salesforce.com provides nonprofits affordable access to the same enterprise class on-demand platform and suite of applications that over 50,000 salesforce.com customers use today. By providing eligible nonprofits with 10 donated licenses of salesforce.com Enterprise Edition as well as a further 80% discount on additional licenses and services, salesforce.com is revolutionizing the ability of nonprofits to achieve their social missions.

What's included in the donation?

  • One Salesforce.com Account
  • 10 Enterprise Edition licenses allowing 10 users to access the one account
  • Licenses have a list price value of $1,500 per year per user
  • Additional licenses can be purchased at 80% discount from the Salesforce.com Foundation
  • The licenses are donated on a 12 month term. For as long as your organization continues to be an eligible registered charitable organization, the product donation program remains in existence, and your organization is actively using your salesforce.com account, the Salesforce Foundation will automatically renew your donation each year.

Implementation services are not included in the donation, so after you receive your free licenses and/or discounted licenses, please call us and we'll help you customize, implement and train Salesforce.com.

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