Elkhorn Consulting Partners, LLC

a salesforce.com consulting firm for nonprofit organizations

The Process
Elkhorn Consulting Partners realize that every Non Profit organization has their own set of unique internal processes.

Step 1:  Conduct a Business Process Review

The Business Process Review (BPR) is a critical piece of your Salesforce.com implementation process. 
One of our Certified Salesforce Consultants will meet preferably onsite or via a conference call to assess in detail your various business processes, specific requirements, as well as discuss any data migration/integration needs.  We will also share best practices we have learned from our clients that we have served.  During the session, your Salesforce.com Consultant will ask you a series of critical questions to ensure a complete understanding of your processes, as well as identify gaps that need to be addressed.  The BPR session can take approximately 2 to 4 hours, depending on the complexity of your organization's processes.

Step 2:  Customize Salesforce.com

Your Consultant will review the detailed information from the BPR and transform your processes into Salesforce.com.  After the initial configuration is completed, your Consultant will demonstrate your new database and will work closely with you to refine the system even further.  It is the Consultant's top priority to ensure your business processes are translated into the Salesforce system in the most optimal and streamlined way.

The last critical part of this process is for your Consultant to conduct a User Acceptance Testing (UAT).  The UAT is a hands-on session where your key staff members will enter real data to determine that the data entry, as well as the workflow of data entry is working at an optimal level.  This process also helps the staff embrace Salesforce.com where they can be a catalyst for promoting Salesforce.com to the rest of the staff. 

Step 3:  Conduct Salesforce.com Training for the Staff

Elkhorn Consulting Partners provides you with an option to create a customized training manual that includes the important details of your unique business processes which works in conjunction with your training.  Staff and System Administrator training can be conducted on-site or web-based.  We recommend no more than a 4 hour training session per day in order for your staff to have better retention.  We recommend 8 hours total for a comprehensive training solution.

Step 4:  Post Implementation Support

After your staff receives the necessary training and are using Salesforce.com on a daily basis, it's important for Elkhorn Consulting Partners to continue to work with your organization to ensure that Salesforce.com is supported to the fullest.  Below are some possible post implementation support options to consider:

-  Questions from your staff
-  Configuration changes
-  Create addtional reports
-  Enhance the functionality
-  Add additional functionality
-  Train new staff members

Most of our clients choose to keep us on a retainer, which gives them a specific number of hours each month where they can call us and receive the support they need when they need it.